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From: Paul Hyman
Subject: Forced Ejaculation (M? reluc bi oral )The following is a complete work of fiction.Disclaimer:The following story may contain erotic situations between consenting
adults. If it is illegal for you to read this please nude preteen picture leave now.Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is
completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story
without the author's permission.
Authors note:This is my first story and I would appreciate any constructive criticism or
advice. I would also be interested in opinions about the theme, since
stories about forced ejaculation seem to be pretty rare.
Forced ejaculation (M? reluc bi oral )My wife and I sat over a late Sunday lunch and exchanged meaningless
comments over the weather. It was sweltering. A light breeze blew the
fragrance of summer flowers through the window and I could hear the sound
of a neighbor mowing his lawn in the distance. I wiped the sweat from my
brow - the temperature outside must be at least 35 degrees C, I thought to
myself. The conversation petered out as we both returned our attention to
the newspaper pages strewn over the table. I was glad for the peace after
the fight last night. We had both been putting ourselves under young preteen legs a lot of
pressure lately. It was the baby, of course, or rather the baby we didn't
have to be precise. We had been trying for three months now and for my
wife, who was already thirty and heard daily the ticking of the biological
clock; there was no time to lose.I suggested to my wife that we go to bed and have a "lie down" but she was
not in the mood to forgive me so easily. She stood up and announced that
she was going to watch TV and that I could go have a *lie down* by myself!
I shrugged my shoulders and wandered off to have a cold shower. I needed
cooling off in more ways than one, I thought, as I stripped off and
observed my half erection in the mirror. The body pre teen flashers in the mirror certainly
wouldn't win any bodybuilding competitions but it was firm and without an
ounce of fat thanks to regular gym sessions. I couldn't take all the
credit though, the fact that I was still 28 years old played a part as
well. I turned on the shower and jumped in.The baby making had started well, lots of sex, no condoms. My wife is one
of those women who react badly to the pill and so I had always lesbian preteen galleries
had to use
condoms, despite my dislike for the intimacy destroying rubbers. One day,
after two months had gone by without her falling pregnant, she caught me
masturbating. It wasn't that I didn't find my wife attractive, but after
months of having sex with the same women, in the same position, I felt the
need for a little fantasizing. My wife of course understood only that I
was wasting the precious seed that she needed to have a baby. She accused
me of sabotaging our efforts and burst into tears. I had to promise not to
masturbate again until she was pregnant, not even during her periods.I dried myself off vigorously, before taking the newspaper and hopping
naked into bed. sexy preteens fotos I didn't normally sleep in the nude but in this heat, one
had to try everything to stay cool. The breeze blew through the half open
window and I pulled the sheet up so as not to catch a cold. I preteens with panties tried to
focus on the newspaper but bbs preteen I gave up after catching myself reading the same
line three times in a row.My wife was having her period at the moment and had been irritated for days
now due the period pains. I was also suffering; from sexual frustration
not period pains, topless preteens photos but I was also on edge. I sighed and shook my head.
That was the real reason for the fight last night, not the bloody tin of
tuna; I had forgotten to buy at the supermarket yesterday. My eyes slowly
closed as I fell into a deep sleep. I didn't notice as the distant droning
lawnmower suddenly fell silent as the neighbor finished mowing. I didn't
notice as a man peered through the window and smirked...The window was slowly inched open by the intruder, who crept through,
landing quietly on the thick carpet of the bedroom floor. Forgetting to
close the window behind him, he crouched for a moment at the end of the bed
and with one last hungry look at the sleeping figure, crawled up under the
sheets. The stranger slowly eased the legs open under the bedclothes and
discovered with pleasure that the penis of his victim was already half
erect and more importantly, completely exposed. The most dangerous part of
the "extraction" was normally removing underwear under the sheets without
waking the wearer. He smiled like a cat in the creme and thought of his
favorite saying, "A young man's penis has no conscience". He imaged it
innocently pumping jet after jet of fresh sperm between his lips. Of
course he didn't expect that his victim would stay asleep, only that preteens boy
wouldn't look under the preteens with panties sheet until it was too late. To tell the truth, he
wanted his victim to be awake and aware of every sensation as the last drop
of his semen was drawn from him. The intruder considered himself an expert
at increasing ejaculate volume via the prostate and saw no reason to leave
a single drop behind.The curtains flapped loudly as a gust of wind preteen nudity models blew through the open window.
I awoke with a start and tried to sit up, but gallery preteen nude froze in shock as warm lips
suddenly locked around the base of my penis and I was gently sucked. I
gasped at the intense sensation and looked down at the figure crouching
under the sheet. Then I smiled and relaxed as I realized that my wife had
found a unique way of apologizing after last night. I sank back down and
allowed her to spread my legs and start up a slow but certain rhythm on me,
swirling her tongue around the head on the way up, flicking the tip with
her tongue before plunging down. I realized that at this rate I wouldn't
last long, what strangely enough seemed to be her aim. I whispered to her
confused, "Don't you think we should keep it for making the baby?" and
tried to lift up the sheet to see her expression. She held the sheet
tightly down and was suddenly still, probably thinking it through, I
thought. Suddenly her mouth closed on sweet preteen gallery me and began sucking with renewed
determination. Well I had given jana preteen models
her the option I bbs preteen
thought as I settled back
to enjoy what was preteen nudist ukraine about to come.After a few minutes I felt her slow her tempo and lift her lips from me. I
didn't have to wait long to find out what she was planning. My cheeks were
spread and a slippery finger began rubbing my anus. She used to rub me
like that sometimes to get me excited and I relaxed again feeling safe
because I knew this game. She wouldn't try to push her finger inside...
Without warning a muscular finger penetrated my sphincter and slid smoothly
all the way in causing me to gasp and my virgin anus to reflexively grip
the surprisingly thick base. The finger began immediately to rub the upper
wall of my rectum in a come hither motion and seemed to search for
something. A sudden suspicion raised its head as I felt the width of the
finger stretch me, the unhurried expert movements. Just like the doctor
during my annual checkup... Before I could finish this thought, my wife (?)
returned her mouth to my shaft and I arched my back as she found what she
was looking for. I lost all track of time as the incredible mouth and
finger kept me in a haze of pleasure.Finally as I crossed the point of no return, I heard my wife call
me... from the living room! I had just enough time to wrench the sheets
back and see the middle age man crouching between my thighs, my erect penis
in his mouth and one arm locked around me. Our eyes met, mine horrified,
his greedy, triumphant, and he pushed hard on my prostate. I could only
watch as the man brought me immediately and effortlessly to ejaculation. I
felt the first jet of semen race up my penis as his tongue teased my
opening as if to remind me that he had won. I realized that he was right;
no matter how quickly I moved, my first and longest spurt already belonged
to him. There was no more time to think, I ejaculated hard into the
intruder's mouth, his finger still working my prostate. I watched with a
mixture of fascination and horror as I saw his Adam's apple move in time
with every spurt. He was swallowing my sperm! I thought of the wiggling
struggling sperm, that could have fertilized my wife's ova, being lesbian preteen galleries sucked
alive down this stranger's throat. The worst part was that I couldn't
stop. I had no choice but to continue pumping spurt after spurt of warm
thick semen into his waiting mouth. Finally he let go and I collapsed back
on the pillow drained in every way. I hardly noticed him cover me again
with the sheet and disappear through the window.My wife stalked into the room. "Didn't you hear me, I said...", she
complained, then noticed my closed eyes and assumed I was asleep which
didn't improve her temper. Perhaps you could come to diner, when that's
not too much trouble she said angrily and slammed the door.Since then I have often thought about the events of that long warm
afternoon. One could only call what the stranger did to me a type of rape,
a forced ejaculation. I am a successful young lawyer and it goes without
saying that I could never tell anyone about what happened. Although in the
following months my wife finally fell pregnant and our relationship picked
up, I couldn't forget that moment as my most intimate fluid was drawn from
me against my will and swallowed spurt for spurt while I watched.My wife found it odd as one day I began sleeping in the nude but I offered
no explanation and she soon got used to it. The stranger hasn't been back,
but you never know...

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